'The Primordials' Hardcover Book - First Edition

'The Primordials' Hardcover Book - First Edition


Hardcover hand-bound copy of 'The Primordials'

• 240 x 210 mm

• 48 pages

• Printed on high-quality stock paper

• First Edition

• Signed by the artist and author, Carolin Leary Prinn


Written and Illustrated by Carolin Leary Prinn

Published in 2015 in Wellington, New Zealand

ISBN: 978-0-473-33644-8

This book contains a selection of works created between 2013-2015, featured in Prinn's survey exhibition 'Worlds' held in Wellington, New Zealand before she moved to Europe. The book is held in New Zealand's National Libraries, and The Otago University Library permanent collections.

With 18 full page images of her works, she introduces for the first time a selection of telling excerpts from her mythological world, The Islands of Niljora, the world which inspires the rich and symbolic narratives woven into all of her works. At play in an ornate, fantastical world that both mirrors and subverts our own, we enter a land where myth, classical tale, and the story of history entwines with the modern world.