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The Spirit of Shadows


Tales from The Islands of Niljora

The Spirit of Shadows is a first glimpse into a cohesive chapter of Niljora's tales. The book spells out a first hint into who Niljora is and the philosophical journey that drives her, accompanied by Prinn's usual ornate and fantastical illustrations.

Follow Niljora on her magical voyage through what is called The City of Light and the illusory lands of The Labyrinth. Open a door into the mysterious world of The Islands of Niljora.


The book holds 84 pages filled with magical, symbolic storytelling and 48 rich illustrations. The Spirit of Shadows was published in Germany, where Prinn's travels have currently landed her, south of The Taunus Mountains. 


Hand-signed and stamped


The Primordials


Entrance into a world...

The Primordials was the first published book of The Islands of Niljora, a compilation of poems and rich symbolic imagery to accompany the exhibition 'WORLDS' and send off in New Zealand before packing off to Europe...


The book contains a selection of works created between 2013-2015, featured in Prinn's shared exhibition. The book can be found in New Zealand's National Libraries, and The Otago University Library permanent collections.

With 18 full page images of her works, she introduces for the first time a selection of telling excerpts from her mythological world, The Islands of Niljora, the world which inspires the rich and symbolic narratives woven into all of her works. At play in an ornate, fantastical world that both mirrors and subverts our own, we enter a land where myth, classical tale, and the story of history entwines with the modern world.

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