The Islands of Niljora

I have searched for that

immortal world I left years ago,

and found so many places along the way.

So many faces have I beheld,

and I write their stories and mine,

but they go so far back in time,

I cannot remember how I began.



Contemporary figurative artist specialising in imaginative realist art, book and fantasy illustration art, and is a is a contemporary portrait artist.

Niljora is a little hidden.

She does not share everything at once. I have found these records, entries and tales and compiled them as best I could. Sometimes, like so many tales of old, it is hard to tell if they are written by her hand directly, or if some of them have been retold or re-interpreted by those she met. I have presented them here as I found them, along with my own documented evidence. Perhaps you can help.


The Spirit of Shadows

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