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The Spirit of Shadows: A Collection of Tales from The Islands of Niljora


Tales from The Islands of Niljora

"The Spirit of Shadows" is a collection of fine pen and ink drawings, poems and short stories from Carolin's enchanting and mythical world, "The Islands of Niljora". Follow Niljora on a magical journey through The City of Light and the illusory lands of The Labyrinth.


This meticulously hand-bound first edition hardcover book comes enclosed in a beautifully designed dust jacket and is hand-signed on the interior cover page.

Carolin's work is collected by The National Libraries of New Zealand and has been a finalist for The International A.R.C. Salon and New Zealand's Adam Portraiture Award. This book is a beautiful collector's item for lovers of art, myth, fairytale and high fantasy.

The Spirit of Shadows, Carolin Leary Prinn

Individually Hand-Signed & Stamped

Carolin Leary Prinn, The Spirit of Shadows

The Primordials & Tales From The Islands of Niljora

Carolin Leary Prinn, The Primordials, Illustration

Entrance to a Secret World...

"The Primordials" is the first published book from "The Islands of Niljora", coinciding with Carolin's exhibition "WORLDS" and send off in New Zealand before heading off to Europe.


The book contains a selection of drawings and paintings created between 2013-2015, featured in the exhibition. The book can now be found in New Zealand's National Libraries and The Otago University Library permanent collections.

With 18 full page images and accompanying poems, Carolin introduces segments from her mythos - a world that inspires the rich and symbolic narratives woven into all of her works. We enter a land where myth, classical tale, and the human story entwines with the modern world.