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Available Works

Original Works, Art Prints & Books by Carolin Leary Prinn

Contemporary figurative artist, imaginative realism, book and fantasy illustration art, contemporary portrait artist, painter, artist, fantasy artist

Commission a Work

I am a classically trained artist working in book illustration, fantasy art, and works with an imaginative feel, as well as classical portraiture. I love to create works and worlds that emit a sense of magic and spirit. Just as much, I love to do work in portraiture, revealing the character and creating a symbolic story of the sitter.

Principle Highlights:
- Book Illustration
- Nature Drawing
- Editorial Illustration

- Portraiture

- Traditional Painting (Oil & Water based Media)
- Traditional Drawing ( Graphite, Charcoal, and ink)

If you are interested in commissioned work please inquire below or email me at

Self Portrait2_edited.png

"The viewer can feel the weight and intrigue of a story behind the artwork... In a world in which original artworks are plentiful and numerous pieces are available to peruse at the click of a button online, to find such magical and captivating artwork is truly a wonderful discovery."

Christian Barrett

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