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Signed hardcover book editions & fine art prints

Contemporary figurative artist, imaginative realism, book and fantasy illustration art, contemporary portrait artist, painter, artist, fantasy artist


Carolin Leary Prinn Painting


My work in portraiture reveals the character and creates a rich symbolic story of the sitter. I work in the traditional mediums of oil, charcoal and graphite.

Carolin Leary Prinn Illustration

Book Covers & Illustration

I create works and worlds that emit a strong narrative, taking in the symbolism of the book, album, or work it is assigned to, imbuing it with a sense of magic and spirit.

Carolin Leary Prinn Illustration

Editorial Illustration

I create works that convey a strong sense of story and narrative for magazines and other publications. 

Christian Barrett, England

"The viewer can feel the weight and intrigue of a story behind the artwork... In a world in which original artworks are plentiful and numerous pieces are available to peruse at the click of a button online, to find such magical and captivating artwork is truly a wonderful discovery."
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