Photo by Giulia Pianigiani.

About The Artist

Carolin graduated with a B.F.A. with Honours on a full time scholarship award from The Savannah College of Art & Design, and went on to study classical drawing and painting at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy, where she was also awarded a scholarship. Her work has been a selected finalist for The A.R.C. Salon, The ADAM Portrait Award and The Parkin Drawing Prize. She has also published two illustrated books of her tales, stored in New Zealand's National Library.

Carolin began drawing, painting and creating from a very young age. Born in Boston, she travelled frequently and later moved to her familial home of New Zealand before arriving in Europe. Carolin's early travels and interest in culture would inspire her future work. It sparked a love of tales and myths from other lands, and of recording who and what she encountered from life in numerous sketchbooks.

Today, Carolin works from her private studio in Bad Homburg, and is an instructor at The Academy of Fine Art Germany. Her works can be found in collections in New Zealand, North America, and Europe.


My Story


Carolin's visual work is a combination of working from life, personal reference, and the imagination, with an emphasis on symbolic storytelling. She began writing a world called The Islands of Niljora from a young age, and it has been a backdrop of mythology in her personal work ever since. Carolin also works on portrait and various illustration commissions with the rest of her time.

    " I see my works as artefacts of my world, The Islands of Niljora.

I began writing and drawing Niljora's tales as a child and have never really exited that place. Parts myth, fairytale, and spiritual journey, Niljora's world is my symbolic reflection on our human story - our history, human nature, philosophies, and personal experiences. I see in my work a connection to a lifelong fascination with nature, the mythological, the mystical, and the ancient world."


2019 - 2021   The Florence Academy of Art, Italy

2008  White Cloud Workshops in Concept Art, Massey University, NZ

2008  Courses in Art History & Literature, Victoria University in Wellington, NZ

2010   BFA Honours, Painting/Illustration & Art History, The Savannah College of Art & Design, USA

Awards & Honours

2021  Scholarship Award, The Florence Academy of Art, Italy

2019   Selected Finalist, The 14th International ARC Salon, Art Renewal Center

2019   Finalist, The Parkin Drawing Prize, NZAFA

2018   Finalist, The Parkin Drawing Prize, NZAFA

2016   Finalist, The ADAM Portraiture Award, NZPG

2014   Finalist, The ADAM Portraiture Award, NZPG

2014 - 2015   National Tour, The Adam Foundation, NZPG

2010   Artist Residence, Lacoste, France

2007 - 2010   Full Time Portfolio Scholarship Award, SCAD, USA

2007 - 2010   Dean's List, SCAD, USA

2002   Honourable Mention in Sculpture, The Scholastic Art Award, USA



2022 Kulturzentrum Englische Kirche - Academy of Fine Art Germany

2021  Main Galleries - The Academy of Fine Art Germany - Bad Homburg

2020  The Florence Academy of Art Student Online Exhibition/Galleries - Italy

2019   The Parkin Drawing Prize - The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

2018   The Parkin Drawing Prize - The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

2017   The Adam Portraiture Award - The New Zealand Portrait Gallery

2016   N.Z.P.G. National Tour - Hastings City Art Gallery - Hastings, NZ 

2015   N.Z.P.G. National Tour - Millennium Public Art Gallery - NZ

2014   N.Z.P.G. National Tour - Percy Thompson Gallery - Stratford, NZ

2014   N.Z.P.G. National Tour - PAH Homestead - Auckland, NZ

2014   The Adam Portraiture Award - The New Zealand Portrait Gallery


2016   'Worlds' - Deluxe - Wellington, NZ

2014   'Entrance To The Secret Worlds' - Deluxe - Wellington, NZ

2013   'The Primordials' - Deluxe - Wellington, NZ


2017   'Wanderlust' - PRO4 - Berlin

2017   'Vernissage' - PRO4 - Berlin

2015   The New Zealand Art Show - TSB Arena - Wellington, NZ

2015   ´Art4Vanuatu´ - Bartley + Company Art - Wellington, NZ

2015   'Exhibit One' - 2 Eva Street - Wellington, NZ

2013   'Artist Showcase' - Deluxe - Wellington, NZ

2013   'Prints Showcase' - Kaan Zamaan Gallery - Kerikeri, NZ

2010   'Vernissage' - Rue Tromphime - Provence, France

2010   'Exposition' - Isle Sur La Sorgue, Provence, France

Publication & Press

2021   The Spirit of Shadows by Carolin Leary Prinn - Germany

2020   Raiffeisenbank - Austria

2019   The 14th International A.R.C. Salon Publication, Art Renewal Center - USA

2017   Dir. Mette Skougaard, Museum of National History, Denmark, Artist Talk - NZPG

2017   Sankt Marien Kirchengemeide - Germany

2016   Regjo - Germany

2016   Skydeck Music - USA

2015   The Primordials & Tales from The Islands of Niljora by Carolin L. Prinn - NZ

2015   Renegade Peach Productions - Artist Feature - NZ

2015   RadioActive FM - Artist Interview - NZ