Carolin Prinn is an artist, illustrator, and writer of her mythical world The Islands of Niljora. Born in Boston, she has lived in her ancestral home of New Zealand, Germany, Spain and Italy. Prinn was self-taught from an early age, inspired by her travels, stories of history, civilisation, folklore and myth. 

Prinn has made several early marks in her career including being a finalist in The 14th International Art Renewal Center (A.R.C.) SalonThe Parkin Drawing Prize (2018-2019) and The ADAM Portrait Award (2014-2016). Her work has exhibited in institutions including The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts, The New Zealand Portrait Gallery and their National Tour. In 2015, she self published her first book, The Primordials & Tales from The Islands of Niljora, which is held in The National Library of New Zealand and The Otago University Libraries


Prinn completed a B.F.A. in Painting with top Honours and a generous Scholarship. During her studies, she was invited to attend graduate level courses in concept art, and a summer painting residence in the south of France. In Wellington, she studied illustration and concept art with The White Cloud Workshops which is a series of courses led by artists of Weta Workshop. She presently studies in Italy at The Florence Academy of Art Painting Program in the second year.


" From madness and nothingness came the creature Niljora..."

    My work surrounds and is an index of my mythical world, The Islands of Niljora. Crossing the genres of legend, fairytale, and myth, the tales of Niljora is a reflection on our overarching human story. I am interested in symbolic storytelling and the world of tales, in particular their origins, mercurial nature, and cyclical play in history.


   With painting, I bring to light the stories and characters of my world and immerse one within their narratives. With my pen and ink drawings, I connect with the primordial, coded, and mysterious elements of my tales told in their own language. I see in these works a connection to my lifelong fascination with the arts of the ancient world, which to behold have always presented to me an elegant and tantalising puzzle of untold tales.


     I bring my world to life through both my visual art and writing. My works have become the artefacts of my created world, and whisper its secrets.




Painting Program - The Florence Academy of Art - Italy *presently

Concept Art Courses - White Cloud Workshops - New Zealand

Art History Courses - Victoria University of Wellington - New Zealand

(Hons) B.F.A. in Painting - S.C.A.D - U.S.A.


2019   Finalist, The 14th International A.R.C. Salon, Art Renewal Center

2019   Finalist, The Parkin Drawing Prize, N.Z.A.F.A.

2018   Finalist, The Parkin Drawing Prize, N.Z.A.F.A.

2016   Finalist, ADAM Portraiture Award, N.Z.P.G.

2014   Finalist, ADAM Portraiture Award, N.Z.P.G.

2014   National Tour, N.Z.P.G. & The Adam Foundation, N.Z.P.G.

2010   Painting in Residence, Lacoste, France

2007 - 2010   Artistic Scholarship Award, S.C.A.D., U.S.A.

2002   Honourable Mention in Sculpture, The Scholastic Art Award, U.S.A.



2020  The Florence Academy of Art Student Exhibition Online - Florence, Italy

2019   The Parkin Drawing Prize - The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

2018   The Parkin Drawing Prize - The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts

2017   Adam Portraiture Award - The New Zealand Portrait Gallery - New Zealand

2016   N.Z.P.G. National Tour - Hastings City Art Gallery - Hastings, New Zealand 

2015   N.Z.P.G. National Tour - Millennium Public Art Gallery - New Zealand

2014   N.Z.P.G. National Tour - Percy Thompson Gallery - Stratford, New Zealand

2014   N.Z.P.G. National Tour - PAH Homestead - Auckland, New Zealand

2014   Adam Portraiture Award - The New Zealand Portrait Gallery


2016   'Worlds' - Deluxe - Wellington, N.Z

2014   'Entrance To The Secret Worlds' - Deluxe - Wellington, N.Z.

2013   'The Primordials' - Deluxe - Wellington, N.Z.


2017   'Wanderlust' - PRO4 - Berlin

2017   'Vernissage' - PRO4 - Berlin

2015   The New Zealand Art Show - TSB Arena - Wellington, N.Z.

2015   ´Art4Vanuatu´ - Bartley + Company Art - Wellington, N.Z.

2015   'Exhibit One' - 2 Eva Street - Wellington, N.Z.

2013   Artist Showcase - Deluxe - Wellington, N.Z.

2013   Prints Showcase - Kaan Zamaan Gallery - Kerikeri, N.Z.

2010   'Vernissage' - Rue Tromphime - Provence, France

2010   Exposition - Isle Sur La Sorgue, Provence, France



2019   The 14th International A.R.C. Salon Publication, Art Renewal Center

2017   Dir. Mette Skougaard, Museum of National History, DK - Artist Talk - N.Z.P.G.

2017   Sankt Marien Kirchengemeide - Germany

2016   Regjo - Germany

2016   Skydeck Music - U.S.A.

2015   The Primordials & Tales from The Islands of Niljora, by Carolin L. Prinn

2015   Renegade Peach Productions - Artist Feature - New Zealand

2016   Otago University Libraries - New Zealand

2015  The Alexander Turnbull, National Library of New Zealand - Wellington, N.Z.

2015   RadioActive FM - Live Artist Interview - New Zealand 

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